Jens Weber and Andreas Wolter

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Cultural Interventions in Social Networks: Some Modern Strategies of Information Visualization in the ImpulsBauhaus Project

2013 Seminar Series / Thursday 14 November, 2013

In November 2013 Jens Weber and Andreas Wolter, founders of, spoke to the Cultures of Knowledge Seminar Series on a variety of their visualisation projects. Weber and Wolter reported on the ImpulsBauhaus project, which aims to revise and expand historical data and focus on new kinds of network visualisation. Using animated infographics and an interactive table, ImpulsBauhaus found innovative ways to present the social network of the Bauhaus art movement and its global influence. They also discussed and demonstrated a variety of other projects that have benefited from their unique match of technical skill and sensitivity to artistic and scholarly concern.

This excellent talk was intricately bound up with visual data and art, meaning a traditional podcast or powerpoint slideshow would not be the right media for conveying its content; the best way of sharing it with the Cultures of Knowledge community is to bring together a collection of the most relevant sites and videos featured in the talk. Click on the links below to gather a sense of the new ground Weber and Wolter are covering in the world of network information visualisation:

ImpulsBauhaus (Research project and exhibition)

Exodus Bauhaus (Info-Motion-Graphic)

Topography of the Scholar’s Republic (Prototype Interactive Information Graphic)

Studyroom – Schillerhaus Weimar

Architectures by Henry van de Velde (Exhibit)

NS-Documentation Center Munich (Exhibit)

Documat (Installation)